Chosfox Mystery Switches Box v2

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The switch will be picked by a BOT in our discord #mystery-box 

So the switch you get is completely random, not picked by us!



You will receive one of the random switches in the table below.  

 25 types of switches
Chosfox Arctic Fox
Chosfox Voyager DD Switch
Chosfox Santa Series - 2 types Midnight Jade Azure Dragon v2
Aqua King - 3 types Oil King Durock POM/Piano (Unlubed)
SP Star Series - 5 types Taro Puree Ginger Milk
TTC Ace Switch TTC Flame Red Kailh Jelly Fish
Kailh MX Cream Kailh Deep Sea Islet Kailh Deep Sea Whale


Note: No returns accepted. 

Limit 2 per person.

If you purchase more than two, you will only receive two, and the rest of the amount refunded to you after deducting a 5% handling fee.
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          If you order multiple, you will receive different switches.