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You will receive one of the random switch in the diagram.  

 What are these?
Box V2 Red Switch Box V2 White Switch Box V2 Brown Switch
V2 super speed silver switches V2 super speed bronze switches V2 super speed golden switches
Box jade Box navy  


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Kailh Box V2 Switches 

  White Red Brown
Type Clicky Linear Tactile
Operating force  45gf 40gf 45gf
Bottom out 50gf 50gf 68gf
Pre-travel 1.8±0.4mm 1.8±0.4mm 1.8±0.4mm
Total travel 3.6±0.3mm 3.6±0.3mm 3.6±0.3mm
   Gold-plated long spring


Super Speed Switches

  Silver Bronze Golden
Type Linear Tactile Clicky
Operating force 38gf 48gf 38gf
Return force ---- 15gf 15gf
Pre-travel 1.1mm 1.9mm 1.1mm
Total travel 3.5mm 4mm  3.5mm



  Navy Jade
Type Clicky Clicky
Operating force 60gf 50gf
Return force 90gf 60gf
Total travel 3.6mm  3.6mm