Chosfox Box Speed Ultimate Switch

$4.00 $6.60

Box Speed Ultimate Switch

Type Linear
Operating force 42±5gf
Bottom out 55gf
Pre-travel 1.2mm
Total travel 3.8mm
Factory lubed
20.5mm Gold-plated spring
Base Material:  POM    Cover Material: PC    Stem Material: POM 

    Ultimate Switch

    It is the first Box speed switch. At the beginning, our team wanted to design a completely new switch. Certainly not just change the color. We should have some changes. 

    After trying countless combinations, we finally figure it out. This box switch has a long spring and a much earlier activation than typical linear Box switches. (33% earlier— 1.2mm!)

    We're really excited for this group buy. We've already validated the design and choice of materials (including spring length and lubricant), through multiple rounds of samples, and can't wait to get it into your keyboard!

    Hope you like it and give us some advice. Join our discord

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