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Cannot decide which switch to use?
Don't want to waste money?

At Chosfox, we offer a wide range of switch testers, you can purchase Linear Switch Tester, Tactile Switch Tester, and Clicky Switch.

But why stop there? Get our "THE SWITCH TESTER" that includes all 3 types of switches.

Lastly, you can also select our new edition of the custom 6/12 switch tester if you just cannot decide which switch to use for your END GAME Keebs.

Scroll down for more details.


THE Switches Tester

Box White Box Black Box Red Box  Brown Box Navy Box Jade
Box Pale Blue Box Burnt Orange Box Dark Yellow Box Pearl Purple  Box Pinks  Box Red Pro
Box Chinese Red Box Noble Yellow Box Glazed Green Box Ancient Grey Box Punk Box EVA
V2 Box White V2 Box Red V2 Box Brown Hako White  Hako Pink Hako Purple
Box Silent Brown Box Silent Pink Deep ocean White owl Red bean pudding Fried egg
BOX Cream Switch Jellyfish X Jellyfish Y Pink Unicorn Box Speed Ultimate  Arctic Fox


Traditional Blue Traditional Red Traditional Brown Traditional Black Canary  Polia
Speed Gold Speed Silver Speed Copper Speed Bronze Speed Pink Cream
V2 Speed Gold V2 Speed Silver V2 Speed Copper Cream Tactile Knight Switch Sherbet
MX Silent Light Yellow MX Silent Grey Santa H Santa T Clione Limacina Tactile A Clione Limacina Linear B
TTC Bluish White TTC Brother TTC ACE TTC Golden Pink TTC Golden Red TTC Gold Brown V3
TTC Quick Silver TTC V2 Silent Brown Gateron G Pro Silver Gateron G Pro Yellow Gateron Cap Milky-Yellow  Crystal box Pro


Clicky Switches Tester

Jellyfish X
Arctic Fox
White owl
V2 Super Golden Speed 
V2 Box White
Box White
China Style BOX Noble Yellow
China Style BOX Glazed Green
Speed Gold
Speed Pink
Traditional Blue
TTC Brother Switch
Box Jade
Box Navy
Box Pale Blue
Box Pink


Tactile Switches Tester

Traditional Brown Hako Purple Hako Pink Hako White  Box Silent Brown Canary 
Polia Speed Bronze Punk EVA  Crystal box Pro Knight
 Cream tactile Box Brown Box Burnt Orange Box Pearl Purple switch V2 Box Brown Clione Limacina
Midnight Light Yellow V2 Super Speed Bronze TTC Bluish White TTC V2 Silent Brown TTC Gold Brown V3  


Linear Switches Tester

Traditional Red Traditional Black Cream  Box Silent Pink BOX Cream Speed Silver
Box Red Pro China Style Chinese Red China Style Ancient Grey Box Red Box Black Pink Unicorn
Box Dark Yellow V2 Box Red Santa H Santa T Clione Limacina Red bean pudding
Fried egg Midnight Grey Deep Ocean V2 Super Speed Silver Jellyfish Y Box Speed Ultimate
Gateron G Pro Silver Gateron G Pro Yellow Gateron Cap Milky-Yellow TTC Quick Silver TTC ACE TTC Golden Pink
TTC Golden Red  


Custom Switch Testers
6/12 Switches Set

You will receive a set of 6/12 different switches which you can pick from the above table or switch available on our website.

Please kindly join our discord server via the link on the top menu bar and DM Chosfox the following information

Order Number:
Post Code:
Switches that you want:

Alternatively, you can also email us 

If we do NOT receive such information within 5 working days,
you will receive a mystery switch tester set.