Chosfox x sporewoh | minipeg48 & kowgary16

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minipeg48 | kowgary16

Custom PCB with QMK

Compact PCB designed by Sporewoh, with full support for QMK.

Rotary Encoder Compitable

kowgary16 PCB was designed to support rotary encoder.
Encoder and knob are included for each kowgary16 kit.
(requires soldering)

Fully Hotswappable

Both minipeg48 and kowgary16 are fully hotswappable and supports Kailh Choc v1.

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 Minipeg48 is the next ortholinear keyboard after our 1st collaboration - bancouver40 with Sporewoh. It comes with a bigger layout at 4x12 compared to 4x10. It also comes with a numpad/marcopad to boost your productivity.


Kit consists of a case and PCB ONLY, switches/keycaps are not included.

kowgary16 also comes with an optional rotary encoder
which requires soldering if you wish to use a knob.
It can only be installed in the top right corner.

ONLY works with Kailh Choc v1 and Chosfox CFX Keycaps.

QMK Firmware:
If you want to use VIAL, you can do so by using the firmware above as well.




Layout 4x12 Orthlinear 4x4
Dimension 210*74*12.5mm 74*74*12.5mm
PCB Hotswap Sockets for Choc v1 (PG1350 series)
Connection USB-C  Only
QMK Compatibility YES, QMK compatible
Spacing CFX Spacing, ONLY compatible with CFX keycaps

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