Kailh Choc v1 Switches - 16 types

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Kailh Low Profile Choc v1
PG1350 Switches - 16 types

Sold in packs of 10


Linear Switch

Switch Choc Pink Choc Blue Choc Red Pro Choc Transparent Red
Operating Force 20gf 20gf 35gf 35gf
Switch Choc Silver Choc Red Choc Black Choc Dark Yellow
Operating Force 40gf 50gf 60gf 70gf
Switch Choc Purple/ Purpz
Operating Force 25gf

Tactile Switch

Choc Brown Choc Brunt Orange
Operating Force 50gf 70gf

Clicky Switch

Switch Choc White Choc Jade Choc Robin Choc Navy Choc Pale Blue
Operating Force 50gf 50gf 60gf 60gf 70gf


Are you looking to improve your typing or gaming experience?

Look no further than Kailh Low-Profile Choc switches available on Chosfox.com.
With their superior tactile feel and linear action, these sleek switches offer an unbeatable keystroke experience with a 50-million keystroke lifespan. Choose from Red, Brown, or White variants to find the perfect fit for your keyboard preferences.
Order now to enjoy a long-lasting, efficient, and precise typing or gaming experience with Kailh Low-Profile Choc switches.

Can I use these on my MX keyboard?
No, you cannot, the pins are different compared to MX switches.

Can I use Cherry Profile keycaps on them?
No, you cannot, the switch stem is different, and it will not fit mx keycaps.

In short, Kailh Choc v1 requires a custom PCB and keycaps.



Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Nice quality, good price

Exactly as expected. Prompt customer service. A lot of care was put into the packaging. My order came in cute little jar with silica gel and foam cubes for protection which was a nice touch.

Amar Mann
Is this a joke?

I’ve still not received my package that I’ve ordered in the 4th but was sent to review my order. That’s amazing, thanks for the customer service

Andrew Vo

Kailh Choc v1 Switches - 16 types


Kailh Low Profile Choc Switches - 16 types

James Fackler
Good switches, but I never get the exact amount I ordered

Twice in a row I've ordered a few 10 packs, and I use them 5 at a time (Guitar Hero controllers). Both times I was always left with an odd number of switches, indicating that they left one out which is very inconvenient. Aside from that, best value Kailh switches around in my opinion.