About Us


Chosfox is a company founded by a group of mechanical keyboard enthusiasts

Before we started our journey down this mechanical keyboard rabbit hole, we got to know each other over the internet and we came together to start Chosfox because of our love for mechanical keyboards.

Few people can make their own business out of what they love, and we believe that loving what you do is the most important factor for a successful business.

We also believe that each mechanical keyboard lover wants to build their very own keebs, which is why we are working with some of the industry leaders to design and built new switches and keyboard parts. We want to be the store that you think of when you are looking for both new switches.

If we do not have the switch that you are looking for, please do not hesitate to let us know and we might be able to source it for you!

How can I trust your store?

Driven by passion, we are dedicated to developing new switches that are not available on the market.

Starting from last year - 2021, we have worked with Khali to develop our very own switch - Arctic Fox Switch.

In 2022, we partnered with FL to make Arctic Fox Stabilizers for us to complete our Arctic Fox Series.

We also spend a majority of the 1st half of 2022 to design and refine our very own keycaps - Chocfox - CFX. This is a first time for us but we would like to make more options available to you in the future.

As of 23rd July, we are pleased to confirm the first batch is available for delivery!

We have a growing Discord community in which we actively engaged on a daily basis.

Furthermore, our Taobao store handles hundreds of orders daily, all of which are fulfilled by our own warehouse!

So, YES, you can trust us!

Join us and let's look forward to more great products together!

We'd love to hear some suggestions from you!

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