Chocfox CFX - Keycaps for Choc Switch by Chosfox

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ChocFox Keycaps - CFX


24th Jan 2024, added black coated - a new variant.
A transparent white keycap coated with black. Ideal for lasering your own legends.

ChocFox low-profile keycaps, also known as CFX, are an essential upgrade for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts.
Designed by Chosfox, these keycaps are compatible with Kailh Choc V1 / PG1350 switch series and are made with high-quality PBT/PC material.
These keycaps enhance the look and feel of your keyboard, providing a comfortable and precise fit for your fingers.

ChocFox low-profile keycaps are available in Black, White, Transparent Black, and Transparent Clear White, making it easy to personalize your keyboard setup to suit your style.
The sleek and minimalist design of these keycaps perfectly complements the modern and sleek profile of your Kailh Choc V1 switches.

Upgrade your keyboard game with ChocFox low-profile keycaps, and see and feel the difference it makes to your typing experience.
Show off your keyboard setup with eye-catching colors that complement the elegance of these keycaps.

1U Specs:

Size: 16.50mm x 16.50mm ±0.07mm
Height: 3.70mm ±0.05mm
Available in 4 colors:
Black & White: PBT
Frosted Black & Frosted White: PC

CFX with legends are now available.

CFX Extras are available here.
in stock:
BoW 1U Homing Keys
3U Orange Spacebars

For other vendors, if the color you want is not available, please contact us for details.

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic quality!

Right out of the box, this keyboard is of superb quality. The support for flashing my own QMK firmware was immediate. Really great vendor, I will definitely buy from Chosfox again.

Nice but o-rings make keycaps slip off

I love the concaveness of the keycaps but I've rated it 4 stars because I didn't realized that putting o-rings on them would make them prone to falling off the switches easily.

Salva Alcántara

Chocfox CFX - Keycaps for Choc Switch by Chosfox

Chosfox choc keycaps

It has really good quality and really comfy. I like it cuz its looks like my old keycaps

Diego Dorado
I didn't got my package

My package has not arrived yet

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