Leo80 QMK Mechanical Keyboard Kit

$132.00 $157.00



Anodized Black
Anodized Blue
E-Coated White


6 Degree


360mm x 145 mm


Fully CNC'd 6063 Aluminum

#Front Height:





80% / TKL with WK/WKL
F13 Key / Badge

VIA/QMK Supported

Click here for: json file (google drive)


1. Plate:

PC Plate with flex cut
(supports screw-in and plate mount stabilizer)
Optional additional FR4 plate

2. PCB:

1.6mm Non-flex cut PCB
Per-key south-facing RGB
Black PCB with sink gold coating

3. Connections:

USB-C Wired
2.4G Wireless

4. Foams:

Switch Pad - IXPE 0.5mm
Case Foam - 1.0mm
Plate Foam - 3.0mm
Gasket Foam - 3.0mm Top / 5.0mm Bottom

5. Refresh Rate:

1000Hz for Wired & 2.4G Wireless connection
Latency is around 3ms with new firmware.

6. Parts:

Carry Case
Coiled Cable
Custom Stabilizer
Switch Puller
Keycaps Puller
Wireless Dongle Storage Box

Stylish Brass Weight

Crafted to perfection, boasts a sleek black PVD engraving, infusing sophistication and uniqueness into your keyboard. Enjoy stability and durability for precise, comfortable typing.

Leo80 Mechanical Keyboard with TKL Layout

Efficient Layout: TKL Perfection

Strike the perfect balance with the tenkeyless (TKL) layout. Enjoy ergonomic design and efficient typing while maximizing desk space.

Leo80 Prebuilt Keyboard-Chosfox

Glow On: Side RGB Magic

Illuminate your space with vibrant, customizable lighting for a captivating glow in the dark, adding a touch of fancy to your keyboard setup.

Leo80 Prebuilt Keyboard-Chosfox

Personalize with Style: Exclusive Badge

Make a statement with Leo80's unique badge, expressing your personality and adding flair to your setup. Easily switch between the badge and F13 key.

Chosfox Mechanical Keyboard with Hotswap Feature

Hotswap Freedom: Customize on the Fly

Effortlessly swap and upgrade switches without soldering. Tailor your typing experience instantly with Leo80's Hotswap PCB.

Leo80 prebuilt keyboard with carry case and accessories

Carry Case & More!

Leo80 prebuilt keyboard includes a USB coiled cable, switch and keycap puller, screwdriver, and user manual for a complete experience.