Chosfox x Kailh Arctic Fox switch

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 A mechanical clicky switch designed by Chosfox and manufactured by Kailh. Unlike other clicky switches, the Arctic Fox Switch's sound profile is crisp and hollow, giving you a brand new experience with clickies.


Operating Force 52gf
Return Force 53gf
Pre-Travel 1.7±0.3mm
Total Travel 3.6±0.3mm
Top Housing Clear Blue PC
Stem White POM
Bottom Housing Clear Blue PC
Spring 20mm




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Customer Reviews

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Alexander Noll
Click Clack

Love em

John Roady
Excellent switches, great sound

After watching a lot of youtube videos I chose these for my MM Class 80 R2 build. I'm very happy with them! Sound is great and they feel very stable. To me they sound like a light crisp click. I love them in my padded board.

This is my first custom so I can't compare them. All I know it's much much better as my previous Razer board I owned.

Tokimahery Ramarozaka
Great but a bit high-pitched for me

I actually really like these arctic fox switches, but they are a bit too high pitched for my liking, just like box jades before they became my favorite switches. They snug in really tight unto the PCB and are not too heavy. Really, if it wasn't for the box whites V2, this would be my favorite clicky switch.

Christopher Roux
Awesome clickbar switches, with a few nitpicks.

Greetings to anyone who may read this review.

I have been enjoying Chosfox's Arctic Fox switches for the past few weeks on my Moonlander Mark I keyboard from ZSA.

They have a unique sound (probably due to the different plastic), they feel a lot more tactile whilst being lighter than my previous Kailh Box White V1 (probably due to the different spring), they are easy to take apart (the “box” containment for the contact does not remove itself as easily as on my Kailh Box White, which is a GOOD thing as I do not have to look for that little green contact any more because of some accidental removal), and they are generally great.

As a bonus, they are also decent as linear switches when un-clicked (and properly lubricated :p) (removing the click bar, I have a full set of clicked and un-clicked switches, for home and for when I am in a public place), they are much better feeling than my un-clicked Kailh Box White V1 were.

I have been enjoying my time with them quite a lot, and in terms of clickbar-type MX-compatible switches, they are by far my favourite for general use.
However, there are a few things that I would have liked to be done differently, hence why I rate them 4 stars and not 5, though, they are a really nitpicks more than anything big.

• The lubricant application is sparse and lacking, as well as inconsistent. Some switches basically have none at all. Whilst it is not that important on such a tactile switch, it is still disappointing to see, and the added smoothness after properly re-lubricating them does feel better.
• Some basic instruction on paper about how to take a switch apart and how to put it back together would be nice! It is a bit embarrassing to say, but I thought I somehow broke a few switches when the transparent plastic used to let light shine through got removed when I took some switches apart for re-lubrication. But, actually, I just needed to put them in the right orientation on the top housing before putting it all back together. An included piece of paper with instructions (even without text) like some other companies do would be delightful!

That is pretty much it, it is almost a 5/5 for me otherwise! Definitely worth the purchase.

(PS: I love your logo, it is so simple and charming! 🦊)

Just right

I swapped to these from Box Jades, and they're brilliant. With the Jades I was getting a lot of actuation before the click while typing, and after typing for a while my fingers would cramp. With these I get the occasional actuation before the click if I'm pressing very slowly (some gaming scenarios), but haven't run into the issue while typing. These are almost as tactile as the Jades, but easier on my fingers and they have a very satisfying sound and good post-click return. A fantastic switch! Using them in a Redragon K654.