Domikey Obsidian WOB Cherry Keycaps

$125.00 $137.00

Domikey Obsidian WOB Cherry Profile Keycaps

aka Domikey Frosted WOB Cherry Profile Keycaps

Renders are for reference only. please refer to Pic 3 - Pic 6 for the actual appearance.

Customer Reviews

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Neu LeBlanc
Absolute BANGERS!

First, they’re see through, so the LED folks will love these. However, they are also basically BLACK up-and-until the point that you light them up, so if you want an all black vibe these work for that as well. The legends are the brightest and crisp-est of all my current keycaps. They jump right off the key and you can see them across the room. These are hands down the best keycaps I’ve purchased. Also, ISO support and a full kit, with a good price, you can’t lose.

Jonathan Chung
Great keycaps

I haven't used cherry profile caps in a while and these feel great. The legends look crisp and the shine through on the RGB is diffuse. I am a sucker for translucent keycaps and these scratch the itch well