Chosfox x masro | Fox65 QMK/VIA Mechanical Keyboard Kit

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: Orders from Japan want to choose the single-mode non-Bluetooth version, please contact customer service.

New Chosfox Mechanical Keyboard FOX65
Co-designed by Chosfox and Masro


  • Product name: Fox65
  • Keyboard type: mechanical keyboard
  • Keyboard material: aluminum alloy shell (pure CNC)
  • Keyboard Structure: Gasket/Top Dual-structure
  • Support: QMK/VIA (Windows / macOS / ios / Android)
  • QMK/VIA Supported for all 3 connection modes
  • 2.4G Wireless/Wired/BT 5.1 Connection
  • 1.2mm PCB, hot-swap supported
    South-facing RGB, PogoPIN Match
  • Shell process: electrophoresis / anodized
  • Interchangeable right-side Pusher/Keypad
  • PC plate: FR4, Pom,PC
  • Supported switches: MX-like 3-Pin/5-Pin
  • Counterweight: stainless steel, brass, red copper

Pusher/Keypad Version

*Pusher version:Volume adjustment is different between Windows and Apple system



  • 65% keyboard 64/67 keys

  • PCB satellite axis/Steel Plate satellite axis
  • Dimensions: 322*114mm
  • Typing angle: 7°

  • Front height: 19mm

  • Back height: 30mm
  • Colors: 
     Pearl White/Polar Blue (Electrophoresis);

           Dark night black/snow green purple/ starlight silver (anodized)

  • Battery: 3.7V/2000mAh  5V=1A
  • Kit only with PCB and Plates, no switches or keycaps.

Package includes:

CNC-machined aluminum case
Rotary encoder
Gasket Kit
Poron case foam/switch pad
Non-flex cut PCB
Flex-cut PC Plate
Chosfox JWK screw-in stabilizers
USB-C cable
Chosfox Custom Carry Case
2.4GHz receiver
Hex Screw Driver
2-in-1 Switch Keycap Puller
All screws required for assembly

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