Summer Lime Silent Linear Switch

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Chosfox Summer Lime Silent Linear Switch is made by LiChiCX, the same foundry as the famous XCJZ LUCY Silent Linear Switch utilizing the same mold and same production method.

We have modified the spring and stem for faster actuation.

Type Silent Linear
Top Housing POK
Stem POM with custom silicon silencer
Bottom Housing PA mix with a large portion of GF C5
Actuation Travel 1.2 ±0.3mm
Bottom Out Travel 3.6 ±0.3mm
Actuation Force 45±5gf
Initial Force  35±5gf
Bottom Out Force 58±5gf
Manu LiChiCX

Customer Reviews

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Desperately need lubricant.

They seem fine but, due to how much grinding they had during actuation, they will all need to be opened and lubricated... A time-consuming and arduous task when you can get pre-lubed switches for the same cost that sound very similar. Aside from that, they seem well constructed.

This switch combines quiet sound with better keystroke feel!

Summer Lime Silent Linear Switch is currently our favorite of the quiet switches.

It best matches my selfish preference for quiet switches.

My preferences are as follows I hope this will be helpful.

1. no soft elasticity of the damper
a. because elasticity affects comfort and keystroke feel
2. the keystroke sound is not too quiet
a. Because keystroke sound affects comfort and typing rhythm


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