Gateron Baby Raccoon Switch

$5.00 $5.50

1 Quantity = 10 Switches

Switches are sold in packs of 10 unless specified otherwise.

Gateron Baby Raccoon Switch

 Gateron Baby Raccoon Switches are linear switches featuring a 0.64mm stem, which is longer than the majority of switches. However, this longer stem enables a reduced total travel distance of 3.6mm. Thanks to Gateron's remarkable lubing technique, these switches provide an excellent out-of-the-box experience for enthusiasts seeking a reliable linear switch with a shorter travel distance.

1 QTY = 10 Switches

 Type 5-pin Linear
Actuation Force 55±8 gf
Actuation Travel 2,0mm ± 0.5
Total Travel 3.6mm ±0.2
Top Housing PC
Stem POM
Bottom Housing Nylon PA66
Spring Extended Spring
Lube Factory Lube