HMX SillyWorks Hyacinth V2 Linear Switch


New budget switch by SillyWorks

 Type Linear 5 Pin
Manufacturer HMX
Top Housing
Bottom Housing Modified Nylon
Operating Force 45g
Bottom-out Force 52g
Spring 22mm single-stage spring
Pre-travel V2: 1.9mm  /  V2U: 1.9mm
Total Travel V2: 3.5mm / V2U: 3.9mm


Perhaps one of the most well-known linear switches of the contemporary era is the hyacinth switch. The Hyacinth V2, another incredible design from Sillyworks, features a long stem pole and a crisp top-out sound. If you're searching for a great, deep clack, I highly recommend it.
Outstanding mold - For a very long lifespan, the switches include a POM stem, a PC top housing, and a nylon bottom housing. Hyacinth V2 switch offers a pleasant typing experience and sound thanks to its enhanced structure, which lessens the rustling feeling and sound that POM material often brings.
Features include early actuation, a 22mm extended spring, a long stem pole, a 45g linear actuation, and a top cross-type structure for better switch stability. The overall travel measures 3.5mm.

Hyacinth v2 & v2u Soundtest by KeebTaro

Customer Reviews

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Jose Luciani
Hyacinth V2U

Factory lube is great, almost zero spring ping of leaf crunch. Insanely loud switches. Currently using them in a Neo65 with a POM plate. Liked the regular travel of the V2U better than the V2! Definitely recommended for a clacky build.