Domikey Seals SA Profile ABS Doubleshot Keycaps

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Domikey Seals SA Profile Double shot keycaps

What is the double shot?

Double shot keycaps have a legend that is made up of another layer of plastic, meaning the legend is actually cut out from the main keycap housing and filled in with another plastic. Double-shot keycaps ensure that the legends will never fade or rub off, and it gives a ton of color options for keycaps.

The advantages of a double shot keycaps 

  • Comfortable hand feeling 
  • Super long service life 
  • Choose and match freely 
  • Most matches  

Why are the key cap character can be in the middle?

Compared with the one-time injection of two colors, the key cap manufactured by double-shot process can put characters or patterns at any position of the key cap.

Half mirror texture and a fine touch of the key cap

Domikey's keycaps are dedicated to the purchase of advanced surface texturing machines that use the subtle etching principle to efficiently create plastic mirrors. Domikey keycap integrates the visual effect and feels of the keycap to create a fine semi-mirror texture, which not only retains the comfortable and delicate surface touch, but also enables the keycap to reflect foreign light appropriately, and retains the visual effect of the light reflection of the industry's advanced double shot keycap.


The height of the key cap is subdivided to form a radian in line with the natural shape of the human hand, and the space part is designed with a flat design, and the thumb is free of foreign matters.