Domikey Punk Keycaps

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Domikey SA Profile Double Shot

What is the double shot?

A double shot of process, is a kind of plastic raw materials in a plastic mold molding, the parts after the molding out, into a double shot mold into the same or another plastic material molding process.

Specific to the key cap, is the first time injection into the key cap character(base), and then through the second injection with the key cap on the seat of the key cap wrapped key cap character (base), the final use of two plastic colors (or material) differences to from clear characters of the key cap.

The advantages of a double shot keycaps 

  • Comfortable hand feeling 
  • Super long service life 
  • Choose and match freely 
  • Most matches  

Half mirror texture and fine touch of the key cap

Domikey's keycaps are dedicated to purchase of advanced surface texturing machines that use the subtle etching principle to efficiently create plastic mirrors. Domikey keycap integrates the visual effect and feel of the keycap to create a fine semi-mirror texturem, which not only retains the comfortable and delicate surface touch, but also enables the keycap  to reflect foreign light appropriately, and retains the visual effect of the light reflection of the industry's advanced double shot keycap.



Material: ABS

Height: SA