Shipping ETA

Q: How long does shipping take?
A: This really depends on your country and shipping method chosed at checkout. We offer Standard, Priority and Express shipping. Some country might not have all 3 options available. Please kindly refer to the table below.


This ETA table is for reference ONLY - It is based on our past experience
and we CANNOT guarantee that your pracel will arrive within the listed timeframe.


Feel free to contact us for shipping ETA if your country is listed in "Other" category in the table below.
The table below is based on the top 90% results.
We cannot gurantee your order will arrive within the timeframe listed below.

  Standard Priority Express


10-14 5-10 4-8

New Zealand

- 7-12 4-8
Canada 14-28 8-12 4-8


8-12 3-10 4-8


14-18 7-12 4-10


15-35+ 10-15 4-10


Important note for Express Shipping:

Express shipping orders will always be PRIORITIZED for order fulfillment and we will try our best to dispatch on the same business day, if not the next business day.

However, due to how our carrier works, express orders
placed between Thursday and Sunday will not reach
express shipping provider - DHL/FedEx/UPS until next Monday.
After that, it normally takes another 2-3days for final delivery (or longer depending on your country.)

With this in mind, express orders may take up to 8 days for delivery even for major cities in the US/EU.