[Group-Buy] Blueberry - 65% Barebones Keyboard Kit


Pricing at $359 USD, limited GB sale


Additional Plates and PCB


Dimensions: 318mm x 116mm
Typing Angle: 5 degrees
Firmware: QMK Firmware with VIA support
Connectivity: USB-C
Layout: 65% with blocker and top-right badge, Tsangan & ISO layouts supported via universal plate.
What's Included?
1x Anodised 6063 Aluminum Top Piece
1x Bottom Piece (6063 Aluminum or Polycarbonate)
1x Polished PVD Brass Badge
1x Polished PVD Brass Weight
1x Polycarbonate 1.5mm Flex Plate
1x Blueberry 1.6mm Flex PCB
1x Laser-Cut 3mm Poron Plate Foam
1x Laser-Cut 2mm Poron Case Foam
1x Laser-Cut 0.5mm PE Foam
6x Laser-Cut 2mm Upper Case Poron Gaskets
6x Laser-Cut 4mm Lower Case Poron Gaskets
x1 Black M2 5mm Badge Screw
x6 Black M2 18mm Case Screws
x4 Black M2 5mm Weight Screws
x4 Case Feet
Group-buy start date: December 26th, 2022
Group-buy end date:  When allocated units sell out - This GB is limited to 125 units per vendor, and 500 units total. 
Estimated shipping date: Q2 2023
1 per household






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