TTC Frozen Silent V2 (TTC Silent Glacier) Switch


If you are looking for a silent switch,
TTC Frozen Silent v2 is your best choice!

It features a double-silencing mechanism to reduce noise when typing.
Ideal to use in offices, libraries and public areas.

TTC Frozen Silent V2 

 (TTC Silent Glacier Switch)

Same as the TTC Golden Pink Switch and very quiet.

Smooth and quiet for each press.



1、 Spring-added silver plating process.

2、TTC's new light diffuser is added to enhance light diffusion and brighten 60%;

3、The stem was upgraded from the original PC material to more wear-resistant, the lower dynamic friction coefficient of the new transparent material.

4、Adopts the same "wear gold and silver" process as TTC honey key switch, adds anti-oxidation coating silver plating process on the conductive terminal surface, improves key switch oxidation resistance and durability;

5、TTC silent key switch adopts a double insurance silent structure design, the stem and the top cover, base impact section independent silent noise reduction, impact contact large area, small elastic deformation, obvious silent effect, key-in smoothly and more quietly.


 Type Linear
Actuation Force 39gf ± 5
Actuation Travel 2,0mm ± 0.4
Total Travel 3.5mm ±0.4

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Matthew Motsinger
Damn Near Completely Silent

My fiancé is has hypersensitivity and OCD and these switches do not bother her at all, compared to cherry reds.

Michelle Jordan

TTC Frozen Silent V2 (TTC Silent Glacier) Switch

One of the few real good silent switches

I bought those out of curiosity, simply because I found their concept intrigueing. I have to say that, in my opinion, the TTC Frozen Silent V2 are among the few really good silent switches.
They are smooth, have very little wobble and they are firm but still quiet.
One of the most important aspects (for me) is, that they are not sticky when not being pushed for a longer period of time. Some other silent switches have their top silencing pad stick a little to the top housing, something I dislike a lot.
So far, the TTC Frozen Silent V2 are my favourite stock silent switches.

Quiet, smooth, bright & tidy RGB

Super quiet. They are very smooth stock after some use. However, like any other switch, they are a little scratchy at first & need some time to break-in. The light condenser is great for RGB as well.