TTC Frozen Silent V2 (TTC Silent Glacier Switch)

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1 Quantity = 10 Switches

Switches are sold in packs of 10 unless specified otherwise.

TTC Frozen Silent V2 

 (TTC Silent Glacier Switch) - 1 QTY = 10 Switches

Same as golden pink keyswitch and very quiet

Key-in smoothly and more quietly



1、 Spring-added silver plating process.

2、TTC condenser module is added to enhance light guiding and brighten 60%;

3、The stem was upgraded from the original PC material to more wear-resistant, the lower dynamic friction coefficient of the new transparent material.

4、Adopts the same "wear gold and silver" process as TTC honey key switch, adds anti-oxidation coating silver plating process on the conductive terminal surface, improves key switch oxidation resistance and durability;

5、TTC silent key switch adopts a double insurance silent structure design, the stem and the top cover, base impact section independent silent noise reduction, impact contact large area, small elastic deformation, obvious silent effect, key-in smoothly and more quietly.


 Type Linear
Actuation Force 39gf ± 5
Actuation Travel 2,0mm ± 0.4
Total Travel 3.5mm ±0.4