C³ Equalz | Blueberry & Grapefruite Gummy Linear Switch



New switch from the designer of Tangerine v2, Banana Split and Kiwi.

The initial IC was run in Nov 2022, we have been updating the logo and working with Jwick on a new custom mold until now.

When the product project was established, we wanted to make a switch that could handle various typing scenarios, focusing on adaptability and balance. We focus on the overall quality of the switch and have planned accordingly for this.

From our Tangerine switch, we value smoothness very much. The stem size and housing dimensions were designed with this in mind for a perfect fit. E1 is a new material after multiple experiments with a main material and various auxiliary materials.

Bottom out and Top out sound:
We wanted a medium and condensed sound profile. To be more specific, we are looking for a switch with a sound just a bit louder than Cherry Blacks, so it is just right. In order to achieve this, we had to experiment by adjusting the proportion of the auxiliary materials in the mix.

The return force for 20mm+ two/three staged spring will result in a top-out sound too loud.
Hence, we opt for a 18mm single-stage extend spring.

Factory lube is very important, from the day we started designing switches, we believed that ready-to-use switches are the way to go. Switches are lubed with just the right amount for a clean and crisp feel.


Sold in packs of 10.

Scroll down for soundtest and more product images!



Made by JWK

 Name Blueberry Gummy Grapefruit Gummy
Top Improved POK Improved POK
Stem E1 E1
Bottom Improved POK Improved POK
Spring 18mm Extended Single Stage 18mm Extended Single Stage
Bottom Stem Slider Stem Slider
Pre-travel 2mm 2mm
Total Travel 4mm 4mm
Actuation Force 45gf 35gf
Bottom Out Force 55gf 45gf



Sound Test: 


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