Chocfox CFX - Keycaps for Choc Switch by Chosfox

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PBT Keycaps for Kailh Low Profile Mechanical Switches.
Size: 16.50mm x 16.50mm ±0.07mm
Height: 3.70mm ±0.05mm
Available in multiple colors:
1st batch, Now Available:
White & Black
Made of PBT using single color injection molding.
Frosted Transparent White
Made of PC with an added light diffusing agent.

2nd batch, from 08/08 to 20/08
Frosted Transparent Black
Available stock for delivery.
1.25U, 1.5U, 1.75U
Dispatch by mid-Sept 2022

Order consisting of presale items will only be shipped once the WHOLE order is fulfilled.

3rd batch, TBD
Adding Homing Key, with Legends and more colors.

For other vendors, if the color you want is not available, please contact us for details.