Chosfox x Sporewoh | bancouver40 Keyboard Kit

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24th Oct 2023 update: sold out.

Check out our new project here.

bancouver40 compatibility:

Our bancouver40 kit has been specifically designed to work with our ChocFox - CFX Keycaps.
It is NOT compatible with any other choc keycaps or MX keycaps.
The kit only includes a case and preassembled PCB.
Switches and keycaps must be purchased separately.
These can be found here:
Switches: Choc v1,
Keycaps: CFX Blanks 1U, CFX WoB Keycaps, CFX BoW Keycaps

General Information:

The bancouver40 group buy will end on 30th April 2023.
Early bird pricing is available, with a kit-only option at $85 and a kit with a portable bag priced at $93.
Once the group buy ends, production will take approximately 4 weeks.
We will perform a quality assurance check,
with dispatch expected on or before 15th June 2023.


The keyboard features an anodized aluminum case with 4x10 ortholinear layout;
hotswap sockets for Kailh Choc V1 switches.
Kit is QMK compatible; and the preassembled PCB has USB-C connectivity.
The bancouver40 kit is compatible exclusively with our CFX Keycaps.
Measuring at 172mm x 74mm x 20mm and weighing only 205g,
It is an impressively lightweight and compact keyboard.



For more information and details, please visit our GitHub page:

Customer Reviews

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James Cass
I love my bancouver40!

I bought a bancouver40 for its delicious compact size and ortholinear layout. It's exactly what I've been looking for, so I bought a second one. I will definitely buy from Chosfox again!