【Stock】Designer Studio x JWK Graphite Gold Switch

$6.50 $6.99

1 Quantity = 10 Switches

Switches are sold in packs of 10 unless specified otherwise.

For being the first linear switch designed and released by Designer Studio, the Graphite Gold switches are broadly good in their performance regarding the push feel but far from the absolute cutting edge of what Durock/JWK is capable of manufacturing. - Theremingoat

1QTY = 10 Switches

This switch uses G1 as stem material - a mix of POM, UPE, Paraffin, and other materials to reduce travel friction further.

Type Linear
Mount 5-Pin
Top Housing Nylon
Stem G1
Bottom Housing Nylon
Spring 63,5g custom slow spring
Actuation Force 48g
Bottom Out Force 63.5g
Pre-travel 2.0±0.5mm
Total Travel 3.8±0.1mm
Stem Length 13.2mm
Factory Lube No Lube
Manufacturer By Jwick with custom toolings