Durgod K330W Plus 60% 3-Mode Wireless/Wired Hot Swappable Mechnical Keyboard

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The Durgod K330W is a 60% keyboard that brings value and excellent build quality together in a bold, colorful package. The K330W allows you to cut your tether and type anywhere on your desktop for up to 240 days via Bluetooth 5.0 or 180 days with 2.4 gigahertz wireless (based on 8 hours per day usage)—but if you do want to plug in, there’s USB-C functionality as well.
Available in 3 styles: Ice-cream, Mint & Ion Storm
Wireless Connection: Bluetooth 5.0 & 2.4G Wireless
Wired: USB Type-C
Connectivity: Phone/Tablet/PC (Win&Mac)
Durgod Customized Switch
Battery Life:
  Bluetooth: 240 Days*
  2.4G Wireless: 180 Days*
Cherry Profile PBT Keycaps
Durgod Customized Driver