Gateron G Pro 3.0 Switch Series

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1 Quantity = 10 Switches

Switches are sold in packs of 10 unless specified otherwise.

G Pro 3.0 Series

Note: Sold in packs of 10 & all types are 3 pins.

Introducing the G Pro 3.0 hot-swap mechanical switches by GATERON! Designed with gamers and DIY enthusiasts in mind, these switches offer users the flexibility to replace their keyboard switches at will. However, improper plugging and unplugging can often result in folded or bent pins, causing frustration among users. With the G Pro 3.0, GATERON has addressed this issue by upgrading the switch pins to a harder material, ensuring greater durability and precision. Crafted with premium quality and precision engineering, the G Pro 3.0 switches are the perfect addition to any mechanical keyboard customization project. Order now and experience the difference for yourself!


Experience stunning lighting effects with the G Pro 3.0 by GATERON!
Featuring an upgraded light diffuser in a textured finish, these diffusers offer even and consistent LED illumination. The diffuser structure remains unchanged, ensuring a visually impressive display. With superior build quality and precise engineering, the G Pro 3.0 switches are an excellent choice for anyone seeking to elevate their keyboard customization game.

The G Pro 3.0 hot-swap switches by GATERON feature upgraded pins for a more reliable connection, reduced pin deformation, and an extended lifespan.

Stem color White Silver  Red Yellow Brown
Type Linear Linear Linear Linear Tactile
Operation 38±15gf 45±15gf 45±15gf 50±15gf 55±15gf
Pre-Travel 2.0±0.6 1.2±0.3 2.0±0.6 2.0±0.6 2.0±0.6
Total Travel 4 3.4 4 4 4
Factory Lube Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pins 3 3 3 3 3