Owlab Owlstabs Screw-in Stabilizers V3

$23.00 $19.00
Owlab Owlstabs Screw-in Stabilizers

New mold - less overall wobbling.
Full body POM - smoother experience
This is the revised V3. No variance issue!

Note* For 1.2mm PCB, please use the included Teflon Padding.

Available in 2 options.

6.25U Series
x4 2u stabilizer wires
x1 6.25u stabilizer wire

7U Series
x4 2u stabilizer wires
x1 7u stabilizer wire

x10 stabilizer stems & housing
x10 washers
x10 gold screws
x10 Teflon stabilizer dampening pads

Accessories are included in each pack.
Owlab is aiming to cover all aspects of a keyboard enthusiast’s needs, and their Owlstabs are another fantastic addition to the market! Owlstabs are PCB screw-in stabilizers utilizing Liquidmetal wires made of shape-memory allow allowing for a slight bending of the wire to return to the original, straight shape – such an alloy or metal has not been used in the keyboard community yet and boasts great performance! That being said, we do not advise intentional bending of the wires to test this in order to help avoid deformation and material fatigue.
Owlab aims to constantly improve its product from customer feedback, and these stabilizers are no exception. They have made subtle, but crucial improvements to the stabilizer housing and stem, including reworking the wire clip-in mechanism, reducing wire entry hole size, and decreasing the width of the outer housing. These have helped with ease of application, wire wobble, and stem/housing contact.